I love it when a plan comes together

I remember watching the A-team as a little boy and when Hannibal puts that cigar in his mouth and say “I love it when a plan comes together.” It was absolutely fabulous! It was like the climax of the whole story. The next day at school the boys would all put their pens in their mouths and say “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Now the truth of the matter is that life is not like that, it seldom happens according to plan. You plan to go on holiday and your boss decides you have to work in the holiday season. Or you plan to have a little money left at the end of the year to fix your leaking roof and suddenly your son breaks his arm and there goes your savings. You start a business to be freer financially and a recession strikes the country and you fail miserably and now you are financially worse off than before. Things just don’t always go as planned. You have to expect the unexpected.

Now we can’t do anything about the things that happens to us but we can choose what happen in us. In other words, our feelings will directly be connected to our experience, but we choose how to respond to the feelings. It is our choice if life’s unfairness affects us badly or are we going to have a good attitude in spite of what happened?

I believe that we are the product of our choices and not of our situations. The Bible says in Deut 30: “I have set before you life and death… therefore choose life”. Now this passage has a context but there is an interesting principle here. Jesus did everything to save us, but it is up to us to choose life or reject it. The same principle applies to your attitude. Are you going to be a loser or are you going to be more than a conqueror? Are you going to react to your situation in a Biblical way or are you going to react in worldly manner? The choice is yours.

Will you be the Christian that will serve God fully in spite of your health or your wealth? Will you be the Christian that serve God fully in spite of the attitude of others? Will you choose life or will you give up and choose death? The choice is yours.

We were created to be victorious no matter what this world throws at us. God has given us everything we need to do His will and be what He wants us to be, in spite of the circumstances. We are more than conquerors. We are created in God’s image. You are not destined to give up. Choose life today.

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