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I have noticed something that is very disturbing to me – the fact that everybody is busy with things. Even children are so busy with school, homework, sports and extra-curricular activities. They have lost the art of playing. Even in church we have become program driven. We discuss who has the best band or which pastor is the best preacher. The problem with running full speed all the time is that at some time in the future you will hit a speed bump… and boy oh boy will it hurt! So what to do in this competitive world where second place is not an option?

I believe it is all about perspective. To put it more plainly: how do you view life? Is it important to be the best in what you do? Maybe it shouldn’t be about what you do but rather, who are you doing it for? Are you doing it for Jesus? For His honour? Or are you doing life for you own glory? Is church about a sermon or a message from God? Is it about good music or heartfelt worship? Do we help the poor to feel less guilty about all our money or do we care about others like Jesus did? What is our motive?

Now please don’t get me wrong. We need to be excellent in everything we do. Just because we aren’t competing with other churches does not mean we don’t do our outmost. After all Jesus deserves our best, but you can stop and smell the roses from time to time.

My personal conviction is that we should live life for Jesus but also like Jesus. And what I mean by that is, we should treat people like Jesus treated them. We should pray like He prayed. Unfortunately there is something that Jesus did that the church has forgotten. He fellowshipped with people and they would eat together. (Mark 2:15, John 12:1-2, Matt 9:10, Luke 5:29). He wasn’t busy all the time. He honoured our heavenly Father through ministry and enjoying life with His people.

I think we have fallen into a trap feeling that our life is significant when we are busy or when we are the best. I’d like to propose that we are significant when we live for Christ together with other people.

They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. – Acts 2:42

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