Spiritual Maturity

True maturity comes with time. You don’t get a baby that has just been born and in a year’s time he is 18 years old, can shave, drive a car. No, there is a process where he has to grow and develop. So also with Christianity.

When we are born again and start our Christian life we are like babies in Christ. We have to drink milk and need somebody to help us change our diapers because we can’t do it ourselves. That is why, when you are a young, baby Christian it is very important to get into a good quality church where they can help you and teach you the Word of God. The Word is like milk. It starts to develop and grow you.

There are some other tools too. You’ve got to read the Bible yourself as well and do a good Bible study now and then. You also got to pray every day and connect with God. But even when you do everything right, it’s still going to take a whole lot of time, because it takes experience to mature. When you just start out as a Christian, you haven’t seen God’s Word in action. You’ve only tasted salvation, that’s all. Now you’ve got to see how God’s Word works in terms of your life.

I would suggest that you also spend time with other followers of Christ, preferably a few that is older in Christ than you are. A lot of people don’t like to go to church because there’s a lot of stuff that’s wrong. But if you go to any organization on this earth, you’ll find that humans are there. And where there are humans, things are imperfect. That’s just the way it is. But you don’t go to church because everything is well. You go there to be equipped, to be developed and to grow spiritually. If you don’t go to church, there is a gap in your growth.  Immature people usually don’t tolerate people who think differently than they do. They usually have hurt that is festering and they simply just don’t grow spiritually.

I know it is sometimes hard to do the right thing. For instance, it is easier to stay at home on a Sunday morning rather than going to church, especially when you don’t relate to the church, the music or the preacher. I understand that. But it doesn’t mean it is okay not to do it. We do the right thing because it helps us grow. And maturity is just that: when we get to a place where we are able to help other people to develop and become mature in Christ. Where we actually get to the place where the finished work of Jesus on the cross gives us life and life in abundance. Where we experience His fullness, His grace, His peace, His love, His significance in our lives, instead of trying to find it in everything else that is worldly.

Let’s get busy growing in Christ.

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