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There is a characteristic that we as children of God need today. Unfortunately one seldom hears sermons about it: the ability persevere when things get tough. Some Bible translations use the word longsuffering. To endure. The Bible describes the Christian Life as a race and in some instances as a war. The reality is that both an athletes and soldiers need endurance to get somewhere.

Not too long ago I spoke to my brother in law about the condition of our country and if it wouldn’t be better for my family to emigrate. The truth is that it is not possible for us. And most of us do not necessarily have the opportunity to pack our bags and start afresh in another country. So what should one do if things are getting dark in your country or even in the town where you live? What do you do when crime affects you directly or if the president promises expropriation without compensation?

Well, there is only one of two options: 1. Lie down and quit; or 2. Muster up courage and bite the bullet. As a Christian I believe that only no 2 is an opsion. When my life belongs to Jesus, crime cannot change my end goal. Let me put it differently: if I believe in Jesus (and therefore have eternal life), no villain can keep me from going to heaven. He might take my posessions, but not my soul. And this is the consolation we have: even the worst thing like death, poses no threat to a true Christian. Heaven is a reality and my final destination is firm in the Lord.

The second consolation we have is that the Lord Jesus didn’t leave us without weapons. The first weapon is prayer. We can literally change the world by drawing near to God. Let us pray for our country and its people. Pray for the president. Pray for our police force, for our teachers and even our municipalities. Let us seek the Lord’s face daily on behalf of our country.

The next weapon we have as children of God, is to love our fellow man. The Bible is clear that we should love our neighbours and even our enemies. Love is not weak – it is powerful. If we can only learn to love the people around us and treat them with the necessary respect, we can change the climate in our country. If every Christian in South Africa would love his neighbour, we would have the best country in the world! Let us take this command of our King seriously and live it out daily.

The last weapon we have is the ability to be obedient unto God. Right through the Bible we see that miracles are abundant when people are obedient. That’s a fact!

As children of God, let us stop being negative and become optimistic because God is fighting with us.

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