How to reach your destination

Soldiers learn a number of things when joining the defence force – from polishing shoes to using hand grenades. I personally enjoyed a lot of things about the army. It was a place where a boy suddenly becomes a man… well, some of us!

I remember when they dropped us with a SAMIL truck on a hill. Everyone got 2 rat packs and 4 litres of water. We were divided into groups of four, each group receiving one map and a compass. You had to get to your destination, and you would be in a heap of trouble if you didn’t make it on time! We chose one person to read the map and another one to use the compass. The other person and I would carry the baggage.

We were dropped off just before sunrise and had 48 yours to arrive at our rendezvous. The first thing we had to do, was to figure out our location on the map and decide which route to take. Only then could we begin to walk. It’s only you, your three fellow soldiers and the bushes around you. A lot of things can go sideways with such an assignment. If either your compass or map isn’t 100% accurate, you’ll surely get lost.

Within two hours we reached a river and that’s when we realised that we somehow have made a mistake, since there wasn’t a river on the map that we used. We stopped and once again examined the map. We erroneously had moved in the opposite direction! We had to walk all the way back and start from scratch.

At that time we’d already lost 4 hours. So we decided to move fast, not stopping for anything except to eat and drink. Unfortunately the guy who was in charge of the compass didn’t use it 100% correctly. We got totally lost! Luckily a search party was deployed, but they only found us the next day.

It is the same in our spiritual lives. We have a map – the Word of God – and we have a compass – the Holy Spirit. If you do not read your Bible correctly, you will lose your way. And if you do not listen to the Holy Spirit, you will also get lost! You need both in your life to move in the right direction.

Let us read our Bibles and heed to the voice of the Holy Spirit everyday so we can reach our destination without any snags.

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